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Our Collection Methodology




Because we offer services exclusively to the medical community, we have collectors who understand healthcare receivables.  Knowledge, in concert with technology, allows us to explain to patients how their balances were derived and why they are responsible.  This section will address collection communications along with an activity timeline for your review. 




Letters begin immediately and continue at 15-30 day intervals, regulation permitting, until the account is collected or established on a regular payment schedule, referred for legal action, or reasonable efforts are exhausted.


Calling is accomplished via a power dialer that integrates with our computer system.  Schedules are implemented to telephone patients during the morning, afternoon, evening and on Saturday.   This cycle is repeated until contact is made or reasonable efforts are exhausted.  Telephone calls to other contact numbers will be made only after calls to residence are unsuccessful and in accordance with prevailing regulations.


To achieve maximum patient contact, telephone hours are extended from 8:30am to 8:30pm weekdays and from 9:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday.


When payment in full is not obtainable, payment arrangements are requested.  Installment accounts are so categorized within the computer system and receive regular statements based upon the payment frequency chosen:  monthly, semi-monthly, weekly.  Should installment accounts default, past due statements generate and telephone follow-up begins.  Collection letters and additional telephone efforts shall continue in an attempt to bring the account current in accordance with the provider’s guidelines.


Certified Bureau of the South utilizes and maintains electronic skiptracing capabilities, utilizing National skiptrace firms to obtain contact and nearby telephone numbers along with other pertinent information.  Our system allows on-line credit bureaus inquires to be made part of the patient’s record and is utilized for skiptracing and determining their ability to pay.





With authorization, we will report to all national credit bureaus.


Legal action is taken ONLY with specific written authorization from the client.  In the event voluntary collection is not possible, and the responsible party appears to have the ability to pay, we will so advise the Client and request authorization to engage our attorney to pursue collection.