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Technology assists our organization in maintaining higher liquidation, protecting provider goodwill, securing data and providing clientele with the quality and service deserved.  In short, technology facilitates the acquisition of information, information assists personnel in educating patients, and education encourages payment and avoids the confusion that causes patient dissatisfaction.  This section itemizes and defines advanced techniques in layman terms that are in one of the three following categories:

Technologies Relative to Data Acquisition


We employ the assistance of a System Analyst/Programmer.  Experience in developing electronic interfaces with hospital patient accounting systems, in the hospitals format, is an important aspect of supporting our collection methodology. 

Securing Data

For the purpose of securing data placed, our network/Internet is protected by a Cisco Router with firewall and data encryption.  Additionally, we employ PGP public code programs. 

Technologies That Support Higher Liquidation

Guaranteed Contact Dialer

This telephone power dialing component integrates with our collection software and dials multiple numbers simultaneously until a contact is made.  Patients are immediately greeted by a collector as we purposely do not employ pre-recorded technologies. 

On Line Credit Bureau Access

Certified Bureau of the South electronically reports to three National credit bureaus.  Bureau reports are retrieved and viewed on-line prior to initial contacts because payment history can dictate appropriate collection strategies.

Other Technologies That Assist Clientele

Note Sharing

Having client notes allows us to more easily explain how balances were derived and why patients are responsible.  Likewise, we can transmit our notes to the provider on current accounts, allowing providers employees to quickly and accurately respond to patient inquiries.

Electronic Reconciliation

Programs are in place on current accounts that match agency and provider data bases to produce:  a listing of unlike balances; accounts hospital assigned but not in agency inventory; accounts in agency inventory but not in hospitals’; and accounts with like balances.

Report Writer Component

User defined, extractable fields allow for virtually unparalleled and unlimited client reporting.  Elements are selected, sorted and formatted to accommodate each client’s needs.